Known as the ‘City of Light’, Paris is la plus grande ville de France et la capitale du pays. The streets are filled with culture, art and history which attracts around 30 million tourists chaque année. To my advantage, Paris is only 2 hours away from Lyon by TGV (a high speed train). Au cours de mon année à l’étranger, I have made multiple visits there and can confirm that the ‘ville de l’amour’ has captured my heart.

Above all the usual things to see and do, Paris is the stage to many world-class sporting events. L’un d’entre eux est le marathon de Paris which the city hosts annually. It is the marathon with the second-most finishers in the world, derrière le marathon de New York. On the 3rd of April I joined around 45,000 other participants and ran this renowned event.

The race started on the iconic Champs Elysée and followed a scenic route towards the Bois de Vincennes dans l’est de la ville before looping back around 180° following the Seine, passing nombreux monuments célèbres along the way. The course then diverged to the Bois de Boulogne and finished on Avenue Foch. C’était une merveilleuse occasion de voir et de découvrir ce que je considère comme l’une des plus belles villes du monde. Moreover, the energy around the city was electric with crowds lining the streets in support and bands dotted across the route playing music and dancing to help keep spirits high. I had spent months preparing and my race was going to plan. The kilometres were flying by as I was enjoying soaking up the atmosphere and taking in the sights of the course. Toutefois, that is not to say it was facile. I had paced myself well but the latter stages of the race was a battle of mind over matter. My muscles were aching, crying for me to stop but my mind remained focused and the cheers of “Allez, allez, allez ! ” from the public was so powerful it helped to mute the feeling of pain. I gave everything I had for one final push down the cobbled finishing straight before throwing myself over the line to complete the 26.2 miles in a time of 3h56m43s. J’étais ravie car c’était mon premier marathon et mon objectif était de courir sous les 4 heures.

Running this prestigious marathon was une expérience vraiment inoubliable and definitely a highlight of my year in France.

Like I said, running the Paris marathon is un excellent moyen to see the city and many of its famous monuments. Here is a collection of pictures of me visiting some of the most recognised spots during my trips to the city.

Let’s see who knows their French geography… Pouvez-vous identifier ces célèbres monuments parisiens de mes voyages ?

Make sure you leave your 10 guesses of the famous locations in the comments! I will reveal the answer soon…

Êtes-vous déjà allé à Paris ?
-Si oui, où êtes-vous allé ?
-Si non, où aimeriez-vous visiter Paris ?
Envisageriez-vous de courir le marathon de Paris ?

Thanks for reading!

A la prochaine,

Emma, la marathonienne 😉

2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Bravo Emma ! Pour le blog et pour le marathon ! Paris est une ville que j’adore aussi.
    Quel plaisir de voir que tu as passé une super année en France 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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